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Lenna has been dancing since the age of 4 and has enjoyed a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz and her favourite Tap. She performs as part of a Troupe but her solos are all different styles of Tap.

During 2019, Lenna has competed in many dance competitions and has achieved 1st place in Acapella, Slow Tap, Fast Tap and Waltz Tap.

Lenna is also a singer songwriter and released her debut single "No! No! No!" in February 2019, she also enjoys acting.

Lenna's Instagram page @lennafletcherofficial 


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VAMFF Run the Runway

In March 2018 Kooki U was the makeup sponsor of the VAMFF Run the Runway Event in Melbourne. Over 150 kids/teens wore Kooki U makeup, and it looked great on stage under the lights. Our makeup can be subtle, or bright, creative and strong, it just depends on your look! 

Makeup tips and tricks pt 2

If you downloaded Part 1 of the Tips and Tricks book, here is Part 2 to add to your collection.

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