All about Kooki U

It's always fun playing dress ups and my girls are no exception. After years of ballet and dancing my daughters' interest in make up and cosmetics grew, but so did their interest in my make up!

Many smashed bronzers, gouged rouge and ruined lipsticks later, I started to look around for a brand of Australian make up that I could buy for them, so they could continue their experimentation without wrecking my favourite products. Let's face it, I just wanted them out of my nice make up! 

But I found it was difficult to find an affordable, age appropriate range that delivered all the fun and colour my girls were after.

Kooki U was born out of my desire to provide my girls, now tweens, with an Australian made, cruelty free, mineral based cosmetic range that inspired them to be creative and allowed them the joy of self discovery.

With Kooki U they can be original and a little kooky.

Kooki U is an Australian business committed to providing good quality cosmetics that our kids and tweens will have fun using, and parents will be comfortable letting them use.

At Kooki U you can trust the process and the product - from conception through to the final packaged product, our cosmetics and make up range is designed, manufactured, and packed right here in Australia.

From my tweens to yours, we hope all girls find the magic of mum's makeup case in Kooki U.