Why are we called Kooki U?

What does it mean to be Kooky or Kooki as we spell it? Well in our natural makeup world at Kooki U we like to embrace difference, and we like to support all the different ways kids/teens like to express themselves with makeup or through their actions, what they do, what they say, through their art. Whether this be dance or performance, or just being themselves in their own creative space.

Way back, being kooky was considered a negative thing, it meant you were weird, eccentric or crazy. But nowadays, we like to think that being left of centre is a good thing. We aren't all just meant to fit into the same mold, be uniform and have no difference between us, being able to stand out and be accepted for this is part of what we celebrate now, and this is why our business is called Kooki U. We often get asked how did you come up with the name Kooki U?

We want you to stand out and we accept you for it, we want to celebrate your difference, we want you to know that being left of centre is ok, and we don't want you to feel like you have to blend with the masses. It's ok to be kooki in our world!

What are some of the things you have done that make you feel kooki? Here are a couple of examples I remember.

If I look back on what kooki things have done I can now have a laugh about them. I worked in a hairdressing salon when I was 15yo, washing hair, making coffees, just chatting to the clients and making them happy was my job on a Saturday morning. Then I took a year off after Yr 12 and continued my hair salon role part time whilst working in Banetton, you know the brand United Colours of Benetton.This was a gap year before I went to Uni.

I got bored regularly with my hair and used to change it all the time. I thought it would be great to get my fringe dyed Fuscia Neon Pink (the rest of it was brown) so I did this one day. I thought it was different and out there, I thought I looked great. One day whilst shopping in the city with my out there fringe I got so many strange looks, that I started to feel self conscious. People didn't say they loved it, there weren't any compliments on my new hair style, maybe people didn't know what to say or make of my new kooki look.

It wasn't unusual for me though to go out with weird hair styles, I think I channelled Bam Bam from The Flinstones look for a while see below (I was 16 then), and when I was 10  turned up at Brownies(Girl Guides) one night with my hair in a pony, and two long plaits just hanging down the side of my face, just swinging around, experimental I thought!  I just used to do what I felt like with my clothes and my look and some of them were a bit weird.


The point is you don't always have to be the norm, and its ok to experiment and be left of centre, as long as you're comfortable with it.

Another kooki moment was getting off the bus one summers day in the torrential rain (as an adult in a work suit) and not having an umbrella. It was a warm, balmy day and chucking it down, so the rain was running in torrents into the gutters. There was no question of staying dry, there I was taking off my shoes, sloshing around in the gutters kicking the water around, walking home and having fun like a kid does in the rain, in the moment. Something little, but out of the box for anyone else to watch a young adult in her plain work suit, shoes in hand, enjoying the rain and the gutters on her way home. It felt freeing, it felt kooki.

Dance in the rain

Like jumping into a pool fully clothed, just for the heck of it.

Jump in pool clothes on

It's a feeling to embrace, a feeling we should not lose, we should try to keep hold of it on our journeys, for adults and for tweens. We are more accepting now I think than we were, the boundaries that constrain are continually broken down by forward thinking teens and young people with a social conscience, with individuality so we can be accepting of the kooki now more than ever. Let's celebrate it, its what we embrace here at Kooki U. Kelly xx

 Kooki U

 BTW. These are not pics of me, just meant to represent my stories.

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