So Why Choose Natural Makeup?

There is a lot of terminology in the world of cosmetics, mineral makeup, natural makeup, organic makeup, straight up makeup and all the other words used to describe cosmetics.So what is natural makeup?

The term natural makeup refers to the terminology that the ingredients in the products come from the Earth, they are not man-made synthetic ingredients, but products born out of a natural environment. Pure earthly ingredients not only benefit your skin in several ways but are also more environmentally friendly.

A Brief History of Cosmetic Use

If we look back in time even up to 7000 years ago, we can see that many cultures used natural makeup in some form. Indigenous Australians use ochres and clays in many hues to paint their bodies for ceremonies and traditions. Cleopatra in Egyptian times would heavily outline her eyes in charcoal. Egyptians would use of castor oils to make balms, and skin creams were made by the Romans out of beeswax, rosewater and olive oil.

In Japan, Geisha used Safflower petals to paint their eyebrows, rice flour as the base to paint their faces and necks white and crystallised sugar was used to make the traditional red lipstick.

Geisha Makeup

Cosmetics have been around for 1000’s of years and all the cultural uses of makeup above all used only natural ingredients, it wasn’t until the last century that synthetic ingredients started to be manufactured and substituted into makeup products. Which is why today, a huge majority of cosmetics contain many synthetic ingredients and fillers.

What’s in Mineral Makeup

A selection of these ingredients is usually always found in natural mineral makeup, they are minerals from the ground such as Iron Oxides, Zinc Oxides, Ultramarine, Micas, Silica and Kaolin clay plus a few others that mixed together form our foundations and powders.

Natural Makeup Ingredients

Each product is a combination of various ingredients which all add to the final product. For example, Zinc and Titanium Oxide provide a sunscreen effect in products, Zinc Oxide is also an anti-inflammatory and Kaolin Clay helps to refine pores and clear breakouts as it absorbs fats from the skin. Micas reflect light and therefore produce the shimmery effect in our body glimmers and Sparkly Dancing Eyeshadows.


The trend in natural makeup and cosmetics which began in the 1970’s as a slow build has now exploded into a worldwide makeup trend. With more people becoming educated about chemicals, allergies to everything skyrocketing and people making a choice to be chemical free, natural makeup is the newest trend in cosmetics. They offer a chemical-free option and are therefore suitable for all skin types and for young faces.

With mineral makeup you are ensuring that the makeup you put on your face contains natural ingredients and this has to be better for your skin.

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