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Do you know what Kpop is? Remember Gangnam Style, which was popular in 2012, well since then Kpop has gone crazy!! This blog is a little different from our other blogs in that we wanted to showcase Kpop and not makeup. It's trending, it's super styled and we think very Kooki U so if you are a little curious read on...

So what is Kpop?

Kpop is Korean popular music. It is mainstream music that originated from South Korea. And is similar to the equivalent of Taylor Swift in the United States.

You may see the Korean pop written as K-pop, K pop, Kpop, K-Pop, and KPOP.

The term Kpop includes many different musical genres under its umbrella. Along with Korean pop, it can also include rock, hip hop, and electronic music. Kpop is considered a fairly new form of music. The type of K-Pop music that you’re listening to today was formed around the 1990s. The roots for K-Pop began from the 1950s, however, and have since then already been influenced a lot by different types of Western music and pop groups. American pop culture has especially had – and still does have – an effect on K-Pop.

Gangnam Style

Why is Kpop Unique?

While Kpop with its idol groups is quite different from Western music especially, it’s easy to see why many people have become addicted to it now. The melodies are catchy, the choreographies are impressive and the group members are beautiful to the eye. There is usually a lot of effort also put into making the music videos look cool and high quality, even when it’s just the group members dancing. The groups have specific styles to help them stand out.

There is a special Korean slang term called 칼군무 (kalgunmu) which means “dancing perfectly in sync”. You can use this to describe your favorite Kpop performers.

We love dancing and dancers at Kooki U, many of our customers are teens that dance and perform so its only natural that we love any pop groups that love their choreo.

Kpop groups are also hugely into their image, they are super styled in their clothes/fashion, their hair and makeup and their theme. Often they pull on Western influences but with a twist to make them their own.


So who are BTS?

BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” ...

There Are Seven Members - BTS consists of rappers Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope and vocalists Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Out of the septet, only Jimin and Jungkook don’t go by their stage names.

  • They Produce Most of Their Music
  • They Like Trilogy albums
  • BTS explore Hip-Hop's Origins
  • Rap Monster & Suga Aren't Just K-pop Singers, they also have solo projects on the go
  • They're Very Fan-Friendly & Accessible and have huge followings on Twitter – 20m followers to date!
  • The BTS ARMY are their support fan base and are super active.

BTS has just launched their first pop single in English last week in the US, called Dynamite.

BTS Kpop

What we love about BTS:

  • They write their own socially conscious music
  • They are all great dancers
  • They love their makeup and look fantastic wearing it
  • We love their look and pop style.

We think they are Dynamite and we are sure you will too. Click the link to check out their new song.


Kpop bands also have many female versions, one popular group are called Red Velvet.

Founded in 2014, the five-member girl group Red Velvet is known for making both pop and, unusually, R&B-inspired jams, deviating from most of their counterparts. Their slinkier soul sound (think: Ariana Grande times five), offset by dance-ready tunes like the peppy “Dumb Dumb,” has attracted a primarily female fanbase.

Red Velvet Kpop

It’s time to check out what is happening in Kpop music.

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