Kooki U Eyebrows in 2019!

If celebs wanted to make a statement with their features over the last few years they have either gone down two pathways, lips or brows. Eyebrows have been all the rage for the last few years in beauty, thin, thick, arched, square and more, so where is the trend going this year? We are used to the well groomed, very manicured, made up, perfectly straight arched brows gracing the faces of celebs over the last couple of years. Brow gels, filled in brows, made up brows with highlighter and colour have been the norm, and we've all jumped on board with the trends, but as you know we all get bored doing the same thing year in year out and beauty is no different.  So where to now for brows...

Square Eyebrow Trend

Well thankfully, especially for the younger Kooki U girl, the trend is turning back towards a more natural, less polished look. Gone are the days of the straight block look, here comes the messier more free style for the eyebrow. No more severe looking brows, just brushed up, au natural coloured brows that look real on faces. Less structured, fluffy eyebrows, perfect for young tweens and teens. Just have a look at Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's gorgeous, natural looks.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen - Natural Eyebrows

So how do you achieve the look?

Well you need a good eyebrow brush that you can use to comb your eyebrows upwards including the little ones at the end. This will make them look fuller and more natural. If you want to set your brows you can use a clear or light brown mascara which you can apply gently over the top of the brows to set into place.

Pascale Kooki U Natural Brows

If your eyebrows are super fair, you can always get them tinted a slightly darker shade by a beauty therapist, or you can dust over a light eyebrow shadow to subtly fill in gaps.

Remember, be subtle to be on fleek with your brows. Treat your eyebrows well as if you over wax and pluck at a young age, your eyebrows will not always grow back. So in 2019 -no more plucking, less waxing girls, just be confident to let your natural brows do the talking this season. Natural beauty always shines brighter.

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