5 Ideas for Keeping Tweens Entertained

Staying home? Here’s some tips n tricks to keep your tweens entertained!

Staying home can be tough. There are only so many family movies, board game nights and puzzles you can do before everyone is driving everyone else up the walls. 

We feel you!

So, we’ve pulled together a little list of fun activities to keep your tweens entertained at home (we promise they’ll love them, and you might even have a bit of fun too!).

Sound good? Let’s jump in!


Try some DIY

Ah, DIY. The old classic. When we were kids, it was things like making daisy chains and friendship bracelets out of old shoelaces. And who can forget making those paper chatterboxes to tell everyone’s future? 

While those are still completely doable DIY activities, we thought we’d step it up a notch. So, we jumped on Pinterest (where else?) and found these fun ideas you can try for yourself at home:

If you do make any of these at home, be sure to share a photo on Instagram and tag @kookiuaustralia so we can see your creations!

Get creative with makeup tutorials

Obviously, this is one of our personal faves, so we had to give it a mention.

YouTube is overflowing with makeup tutorials for guys and gals of all ages. Whether your tweens are perfecting their next dance concert look or playing around with that day to day makeup, you can find it all in the big wide world of YouTube.

Our go-to tutorials for that everyday look are Allure’s ten minute makeup tutorials. They feature stars like Maddie Ziegler, Loren Gray and Skai Jackson (and if you don’t know who they are, your tweens sure will!). These are great to give your tweens basic looks for every skin type and tone.

If you’re looking for some more specific ideas to use your Kooki U goodies, we also have our very own Kooki U YouTube channel to show you how we wear it!


Cook up a storm

If the thought of another banana bread or carrot cake is getting old for everyone in the house, why not try something a bit out of the box? You might even call it a little bit, Kooki.

We’re talking about rainbow cupcakes, fondant mermaid cake toppers and cookies piled high with decorations (all of the edible variety, of course). 

We love this one because not only can they tap into their creativity, but it will keep them busy for hours, and everyone will get a (hopefully) tasty snack at the end too. Get your tweens in the kitchen, blast some tunes and get the creativity flowing!

Have fun with TikTok

You knew it was coming, and we knew you were dreading it.

But hear us out.

TikTok isn’t just an activity for your tweens to get into. Some of the best, most entertaining TikTok videos are the ones where the whole family can get involved! 

We’re talking about dance challenges, pranking your partner, kids or pets, or any of the countless other hilarious, family-oriented challenges out there.

Our go-to family favourites are the:

  1. #ParentSkills Challenge
  2. #RealLifeAtHome Challenge
  3. #Levelup Challenge

Thank us later!

Do the #MyKookiCreation Challenge

Speaking of challenges, we’ve got a little one of our own up our sleeve.

Our #MyKookiCreation challenge may not go viral on TikTok like that #Levelup Challenge you posted a week ago, but it’s another fun way to keep your tweens entertained with a cheeky little bonus thrown in.

And all your tweens need to do is share their latest makeup look on Instagram with the hashtag #MyKookiCreation and tag @kookiuaustralia for the chance to win an Accessorise Me Collection, valued at $49.95.

Sound fun? We think so, too! 

So get out your makeup kits, snap a couple of pics and be in it to win it.

As always, we are thinking of all our Kooki U customers and fans around Australia and the world who are affected by the current pandemic. These are hard times, but hopefully some of these ideas can spark a little joy in your home. 

From the whole team at Kooki U, take care.

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