How to pack your makeup bag on your next holiday (and travel light!)

The holiday season is well and truly underway now and we’re all excited to get away on that next big trip, but before we can be relaxing on the beach there’s one dreaded task we have to get through - packing!

It can seem like a chore, especially when you need to pack light (or you’re packing for your young ones as well as yourself). While I can’t take all the pain of packing away (sorry) I can help with one thing; knowing exactly what beauty essentials you need to bring - and what can stay at home.

Whether you need to pack light or not, I’m a big believer in giving the skin a breather when on holidays and sticking to a fresh and healthy look. And that goes for me and my girls! So if you’re on the same page then this definitely helps with the packing situation even more. Products like a beautiful BB Cream (rather than heavy foundation) and a highlighter to give your skin a healthy holiday glow are sometimes all you need! But more on that soon… 

Read on for my makeup must-haves you need to bring and how to get the most out of what you do take along with you.

 Holiday Time

Invest in some mini beauty tools

If you’re planning a big trip or you travel regularly, it might be worth grabbing some mini versions of your most-used products or beauty tools. For example, swapping your normal makeup brushes for a travel-sized set can save a heap of room in your makeup bag. Plus they’ll be ready to throw in your bag and go, so you don’t need to stress about trying to wash your regular ones at the last minute - just saying!

Try our 5 Piece Travel Brush Set

 Travel Brush Set

Take multitasking makeup products

There are so many makeup products that can work as a 2-in-1. Just be sure not to put anything on the eyes or lips that isn’t designed to go there. One hack I love to use is taking a soft pink lipstick and using it as a cream blush - just take a little bit on your (clean) finger and gently pat onto your cheekbones. Our Mineral Brow Palette can also work double duty as a brow powder as well as for eyeshadow shading. Very efficient!

Try our Mineral Lip Palette or Mineral Brow Palette

Kooki U Pallettes

Swap palettes for singles

Big makeup palettes are bulky and often very fragile, which is not ideal for travelling, especially by plane! They can also be a big waste of space if you only really use one or two colours. Let’s be honest - we all have our favourite shades that we use all the time, and others that don’t get a look in! I prefer to pack eyeshadow singles for myself or the girls when travelling because we can just take the colours we will actually use and they are much less likely to end up shattered in our bags as well.

Try our Mineral Cream Eyeshadow or Glamour Intense Eyeshadow 

Kooki U Natural Makeup

Bring non-liquid alternatives

If you’re travelling by plane, you’ll probably want to cut back on liquids as much as possible, especially if you’re not checking baggage. Luckily, there are a lot of liquid makeup products that can be swapped out for non-liquids and leave that allowance free for the important stuff - like skincare! 

Try these swaps:

  • Use a lip liner with lip balm over the top instead of lipstick.
  • Try a mineral powder foundation rather than liquid.
  • Use a mineral powder highlighter or blush rather than liquids or creams.
  • Stick to eyeliner pencils rather than liquid liner or gel liner. 
  • Try setting powder as opposed to setting spray (it’s much more effective anyway!).

Try our Mineral Lip Pencil Chubbie, Highlighter Mineral Dust, Mineral Eye Liner Chubbie, Setting Powder.

Natural Makeup

Share what you can

One of my favourite things about the awesome makeup we get to make at Kooki U is that it’s designed with kids and teens in mind, but it’s just as perfect for adults too. So if you’re packing for multiple makeup-lovers in the family, consider what you might be able to share. Most products that touch the face directly (especially eyes and lips) are best to keep on a per-person basis, but things like nail polish or any makeup dispensed from a bottle or tube is usually safe to share. For example, if you all share a similar skin tone, one BB Cream can be used for everyone, and because it’s lighter than foundation, it will adjust to slightly different skin tones anyway.

Try our BB Cream or Nail Products

Don’t forget the hair ties!

Anyone with long hair will know that hair elastics and bobby pins just have a habit of going M.I.A no matter where you keep them, and on holidays it’s no different. So you definitely need to be armed with more than just whichever favourite hair tie you normally wear around your wrist. My girls never pack enough and end up with none left! So I can’t recommend enough to bring a pack of hair elastics and clips along with you, they will never go astray. 

If you need to stock up before you go, we’ve just dropped a brand new range of elastics, clips, bows, headbands and  scrunchies that you can shop here.

Kooki U Hair Elastics

So there you have it - is your holiday packing feeling a little less stressful now? I hope so! Let me know what tips you found helpful in the comments, and be sure to share any great hacks of your own!

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