How to get started with kids Kooki U dance natural makeup!

So your child has just started getting into dance, gymnastics or other stage activities and you need to help them with their makeup… Where do you even begin?

For most kids this is the first time they’ve worn makeup, they don’t own any of their own, and as their parent you’re left scratching your head about what products they should be using, let alone how to apply it. 

You might have even let them borrow your makeup to play around - and instantly regretted it!

Luckily, I have been there and done that with my two girls who are super into their gym and dance, so I thought I’d share my experience with other parents in the same boat.

If you’re feeling stuck on how to do your children’s stage makeup, these are all my secrets to make it easy - plus a quick tutorial at the end that you can try at home.

Ballet Dancers

Get them set up with a basic kit

First things first, save yourself the headache of having to share your own makeup with your kids. The last thing you need is your favourite lipstick going missing or a highlighter getting smashed. 

It’s also better for your little one’s health to have their own products, especially when it comes to things like mascara, eyeliner, lip products and brushes. There’s just too much risk of spreading things like styes, conjunctivitis, cold sores (or worse) between you both.

Mia Makeup Kit

View our Kooki U makeup kits here.


Keep it simple

You really don’t need to go crazy with every single makeup product under the sun. I’m a big fan of multitasking products and versatile colours that work for lots of different looks. All y

a Kit hereou need to get started is the basics like a base, eyeliner, mascara, lip colour and some eyeshadow shades. More on this in the tutorial below!

Save their skin

One of the main reasons I started Kooki U (other than wanting my kids to have their own makeup) was that I knew a lot of products out there were just too heavy or cakey on young skin, not to mention some of the common ingredients found in cosmetics are questionable in their safety. I wanted to stick to natural or mineral-based ingredients as much as possible when it came to anything going on their faces. Anything you buy from Kooki U is formulated with this in mind!

If you want to learn more about the ingredients in makeup, you can read more here.

Practice makes perfect!

So now you’re ready to put all of this into action, here’s a quick tutorial from my girls that you or your kids can try for yourselves. 

Even if you’re into makeup yourself, it’s not always easy doing someone else’s face for them, so don’t be disheartened if it’s tricky at first. Practice really does make perfect.

Click here to view our You Tube clip on putting on natural makeup.


Step 1 - The Base

Kids have beautiful skin (lucky them!) so they really don’t need heavy foundation. A BB Cream is perfectly fine and a little goes a long way. Our favourite way to apply it is with a damp sponge for the most natural and light-handed finish. 

My tip is to start as light as possible - you can always add another layer if needed, but it’s hard to fix cakey makeup that’s on too thick.

An optional but nice touch is to take a creamy foundation or concealer and just highlight the forehead, under the eyes and chin. Again, you can use the sponge to blend it all in seamlessly.

What we use:

Kooki U BB Cream

Makeup Sponges

Foundation Cream Compact

Hip Hop Dancer

Step 2 - The Eyes

The most important thing you can do with eye makeup is start with a nice neutral base. This will help any colours you apply look beautiful and vibrant. 

Take an eyeshadow applicator, and apply a neutral shade all over the lids. Then grab a clean applicator and apply a light shade just above the crease, highlighting the underside of the brow bone. Finally, take a darker shade and apply it on the outer corner, following the lash line.

Next, take a white eyeliner and trace along the waterline from the centre of the eye outwards. This will help open up the eyes. I usually like to blend this out (very lightly) with a fluffy brush to avoid any harsh lines.

Now it’s time to line the upper lash line with a black liner. I love doing a light wing for a stage look. It can take a bit of practice to get even on both sides, but once you get the hang of it it’s easy (I swear). The easiest method is to use a nice, soft eyeliner pencil and blend it lightly with a brush for a smoked-out wing. It’s much more forgiving than liquid or gel liner!

Finally, you can top it all off with mascara. Get them to look down so you can do the upper lash line and then up so you can coat the lower lashes too. 

What we use:

Beige Shimmer Mineral Cream Eyeshadow

Pearl White Mineral Cream Eyeshadow

Cocoa Shimmer Mineral Cream Eyeshadow

Snow White Mineral Eye Liner Chubbie

Black Mineral Eye Liner Chubbie

Mineral Mascara

Eyeshadow Applicators

Hip Hop Group Kooki U

Step 3: The Lips

Now it’s time for the lips. If you’re not experienced with bold colours, you can start with a light pink shade and work your way up to reds or dark colours. Again, it’s more forgiving and a little easier to work with. 

First, line their lips with lip liner, and then you can go in and fill their lips with a lipstick in a matching shade. This will give it more staying power and give you some guidance to keep the lipstick tidy too. 

My best tip to help stop it instantly smearing all over their face is to blot! Grab a tissue, fold it in half, and dab off any excess colour. 

What we use: 

Dancing Mineral Lip Pencil Chubbie

Beeswax Mineral Lipsticks

Kooki U Lipstick

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Now you can top it all off with a couple of finishing touches! You don’t need to go all out with contouring, a little blush and highlight will more than suffice. 

I like to take a light amount of cream blush and pat it into the cheekbones with a makeup sponge. Then for some extra fun, you can grab some highlighter and apply a small amount to the brow bone (just under the outer half of each eyebrow) and along the highest point of their cheekbones.

What we use:

Mineral Cream Blush

Highlighter Mineral Dust

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