Do you want to blog?

Sometimes when we go to write this blog, we think, what would people like to know about. What is everyone interested in at the moment, what will inspire people to read this.


Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas but when we pool our ideas together – we have super brain power!


So, we wanted to make this blog from Kooki U more interactive.


Do you have an idea for a blog, a topic of interest or would you like to be a blogger/writer yourself. Have you ever penned something other than for school/uni? Is writing something you think you would like to do in the future? Do you want to have a go?


At Kooki U, we’re not just about natural mineral makeup (tho we love it!) we want you to feel like you can express yourself, embrace your inner creative and have a go, so if you want to write, we would love you to write something for us.


Where to start?

Think about our Kooki U audience – tweens/teens up to age 15, primarily female but not always, creative and lovers of makeup and all things associated with it, mums and dads of tween/teen kids. Think about:

What does this tween look like?

What do they read?

What do they watch?

What do they spend their spare time doing?

What are their hope and dreams?


Keep it general so it appeals to that demographic. Just pick one topic to start with and see where it takes you. Maybe its along the lines of “What’s your favourite thing to do with your friends” or “What do you think would happen if we all stopped using social media” or "What do you want to achieve in the next year, what are your goals"?

Let’s keep it lighthearted peeps.


And for you…

For every blog we choose to feature on our site, we will send the very creative writer a Kooki U pack valued at $50. Each pack will include a mix of makeup and accessories.


So all you need to do is write your blog, around 500 – 1000 words, check your spelling and how it reads out loud. Send your blog to:

We will let you know if your blog will be selected for publishing, of course with your name included, we will jazz it up with some killer images and you will be live.

Happy writing


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