7 Kooki U Halloween Makeup Ideas for Tweens

Want to make an impression for Halloween, here are some great Halloween Makeup Ideas For Teens: Halloween is a trend we are adopting in Australia more and more each year. Traditionally it is the most exciting part of the Autumn Season for all age groups in the US.
You can transform yourself into mythical creatures, freaky zombies or even cutesy characters for a creative look. No character is perfect without appropriate makeup, however, you do not need to be a professional to create such looks.
Here are some of our top picks for Teenage girls that would love to put their creative skills into action. No need to procrastinate any longer as we bring you some creative and trendy characters to choose from. Keep your youth and innocence intact with these awesome makeup looks for teen girls.
How To Dress Up For Halloween?
Here are some tips to keep in mind when dressing up for Halloween:
  • You do not need to go all out on the costume if you have some good makeup skills at hand.
  • Make sure to use face paint or good quality makeup to avoid any damage to the skin.
  • Invest in good, high-quality makeup palettes or separate pans.
  • Set your makeup with a good setting spray to prevent smudging.
  • Faux lashes are a great way to dramatize your look.
  • It is always a good idea to use props for added details.
  • Not every Halloween costume needs to look spooky. You can do with other adorable looks too.
  • Watch YouTube tutorials to learn exactly how to achieve the flawless looks.
  • Prosthetic makeup is the latest rage and helps create some amazing, realistic effects.
The Spider
This black web makeup effect is simple and won't take too long to create. Good for those that want a ten minute makeover.
Spaced Out

Here is a starry, galaxy-like look. Some purple makeup, highlighter and white pencil can be used to pull off an artsy space themed look.


Just add some bats!! These bat ideas are cute and fun and let you showcase your makeup skills with some colour. You need a good black fine liner/liquid liner to achieve these looks.

Starry Night

So instead of masquarade, you can paint on your mask and go undercover this year. Use a base black body paint and brush a metallic shimmer over the top. Paint on your silver stars last.

Lightning Strike

A base of silver grey in a mask like effect around the eyes, then use a fine white eye liner to draw on a lightening strike effect across the grey mask

Skull Teeth

Ever wondered how special effects makeup artists create a skull effect? Here is the mouth area step by step.


Remember we said that prosthetics are all the rage in Halloween makeup? Well here is an example of how you can integrate them into your look.

We hope you get some cool ideas for Halloween this week. Remember to use good quality products on your skin and remember to take off all your makeup properly with a good cleanser.

Most of all have fun and be safe, stay with your friends.

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